Stranding Science Center

Marine mammals can become stranded on our beaches when they are sick, injured or deceased. Strandings can be the result of natural or human related causes. PMLF supports the only marine mammal stranding response permit in Hawaii.


When strandings occur, it is critical for trained response teams to provide immediate assistance to the animals in need. Stranding events also allow scientists the unique opportunity to closely investigate mortalities and collect data from both living and deceased animals. The scientific knowledge gained from stranded animals provides valuable insight into marine mammal health and disease, and the state of their marine environment.


PMLF’s commitment to supporting these rescue and rehabilitation efforts in the Hawaiian waters includes funding a live stranding rehabilitation facility on Oahu. This facility will be a base for the rehabilitation of live stranded cetaceans before their reintroduction into the wild, and it will serve as a research lab to learn more about these animals and the cause of their stranding. It will provide an option other than euthanasia for stranded cetaceans who are initially unable to return to the wild.


PMLF’s support of these rescue and rehabilitation efforts are reliant on donations from the community, businesses and grant-making organizations.



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